Documentary series: The world we want, time for change

The world we want, time for change : A #YAS20 web-documentary marking Human Rights Day

On 20 November 2020, World Children’s Day, the Young Activists Summit launched a series of web-documentaries which features activists, international experts, and other public figures around the 2020 Activists’ causes, including climate, biodiversity, human rights, sustainable and ethical fashion.

These videos were released in the context of a digital campaign which culminated on 10 December, Human Rights Day with the release of the above 20-minute web-documentary – focusing on all the key themes addressed by the Summit in 2020.

The series was produced by the NGO with the support of Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS).

EP01: Fiona Amony, Gender-Based Violence in Uganda

EP02: Alexandra Cerezo, Sustainable & ethical fashion

EP03: Vanessa Nakate, Climate Justice

EP04: Finlay Pringle, Marine Conservation

EP05: Zahraa Issa & Emma Sleiman, Solidarity in Lebanon

EP06: Mohamad Al Jounde, Education for refugees